Embrace the brighter side of life

That’s what Shumon Sengupta tells his daughter, Minnie. I was so touched when Shumon shared his blog with me where, out of myriad other ideas, he writes about Minnie who inspires beauty in his life. Shumon is an international aid & #development professional. He has lived in many parts of the world & calls himself a “World Citizen”. But his most cherished moments are spent with the delightful Minnie in whose starry eyes he sees a hope for the future. Here’s a link to his blog http://www.world-citizen-trail.net/world-citizens/


Life isn’t about falling. It’s about rising with grace.

Little Dipa wanted to give up #gymnastics because she was scared of falling down. However her father convinced her to continue. Today, at 22, #DipaKarmakar is the first #female #Indian #gymnast ever to secure an Olympic berth. Her father, Dulal gives full credit to Dipa’s hardwork. But she knows, without her father this journey couldn’t be possible. #myfather #illustrations #inspiring #change [source: http://bit.ly/toidipakarmakar]


If you speak the truth I will stand by you

“If you speak the truth I will stand by you” – this saying from Sharmeen’s father always keeps her going. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is a Pakistani journalist, activist and filmmaker. She is the first Pakistani to win an Academy Award and the first to win twice. #myfather #illustrations salutes this father-daughter duo. [source: http://medskoolchronicles.tumblr.com/post/82289488078/if-you-speak-the-truth-i-will-always-stand-by]





The word “Bibak” means “fearless” in Persian. Bibak is a social enterprise that transforms post-conflict societies into thriving communities through open-source, easy to re-purpose technology for ladmines detection. They are not just trying to save lives from landmines but also working towards land reformation providing livelihoods to many. I am proud to be a part of this movement. When Bibak approached me to design a poster for their campaign, my answer was “yes”. Creating art for social good is always rewarding! Thank you Bibak for making me part of your family 🙂

You vote for Bibak to help them win the Hivos Social Innovation Award 2014. Here is the link: https://hivossocialinnovationaward.org/projects/bibak-transforming-post-conflict-societies-into-thriving-communities-by-eradicating-landmines/


mY FaTHer illustrations: MALALA sToRy

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani schoolgirl who fights for girls’ right to education. Malala was 12 when she was shot in head and neck in an assassination attempt by Taliban gunmen. Today she is out of danger and recovering. Her biggest supporter is her father, Mr Ziauddin Yousafzai, who says: “Honour your daughters, they are human beings like your sons. And educate them, and you will have wonderful daughters, wonderful sisters and you will have a peaceful and prosperous society. Trust them, honour them and educate them.” http://www.facebook.com/myfatherIllustrations


mY FaTHer: letter from Tibet

This illustrated story is based on a letter from a Tibetan youngster to his father. He wanted to thank his father for making him the person he is proud to be…

letter from tibet

As I gradually move on with ‘mY FaTHer’ initiative, I realize that my stories cannot be limited to fathers of daughters. It should include stories about fathers of sons as well. After all, not just the girls, also the boys need the right attitude towards life. And the right guidance from a father always helps in developing that right bent of mind 🙂