Let no injustice curve your spine!

It was a midnight in autumn when Sujata’s husband first hit her. Since then violence continued in different frequencies & forms. Sujata wanted to walk out of this marriage but the whispers of relatives, colleagues & neighbors bent her confidence. Right then her father held her hands & said, “No matter what, I will be with you”.
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Based on a true story from Mumbai, India. Original name withheld.
[Stats source: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs239/en/]


Break Free

Despite our best efforts, we all fall in the trap of gender stereotypes. Meet Benny Harlem – a father, trying to break free from one such stereotype, showing his daughter how to love one’s natural beauty by taking pride in who you are. In Benny, who is a singer, songwriter & supermodel, Jaxyn finds a super dad & a role model. The father-daughter duo standout for their crowning glories – awesome hairdos that make them social media icons. Check out their photographs on https://www.instagram.com/bennyharlem/
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[Story source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/lifestyle/viral-and-trending/270616/father-daughter-duo-with-awesome-hair-takes-over-the-internet.html]


The Unbeatable!

Monica Singh is an acid attack survivor from India. She was 19 when she faced this earth shattering experience. However neither she or her father lost hope. They kept walking until the end of the tunnel & finally the darkness was over. She is now a fashion design student at the prestigious Parsons School of Fashion in New York. She has proven that inner beauty is far more powerful than physical beauty. Her pillar of strength, her confidant, was her father, Mahendra Singh. Monica has established The Mahendra Singh Foundation to help other survivors. #myfather #voicestobeheard Join us to hear & share more inspiring father-daughter stories!


We all need love: Happy Father’s Day!

In a world full of differences & difficulties there’s one thing common in all of us — LOVE. We’re born with it. We live for it. And even after we depart, it stays with our loved ones forever. On this upcoming Father’s Day here’s a love story that will make you smile & believe in love. Share it with your father & say you love him because he loves you too! Happy Father’s Day!!!
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If you speak the truth I will stand by you

“If you speak the truth I will stand by you” – this saying from Sharmeen’s father always keeps her going. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is a Pakistani journalist, activist and filmmaker. She is the first Pakistani to win an Academy Award and the first to win twice. #myfather #illustrations salutes this father-daughter duo. [source: http://medskoolchronicles.tumblr.com/post/82289488078/if-you-speak-the-truth-i-will-always-stand-by]




Gasthini from Sri Lanka

“I am Gasthini from Sri Lanka. We are originally from Jaffna, an area which got affected by the war. My family had to move to Kandy. I have seen many twists & turns in life but one person who was always there with me for every rise & fall is my father. Without him I would not have had the courage to come this far – get my engineering degree and marry the love of my life. Love you Dad for who you are!”

Sri Lanka story

I am Amba from Jharkhand!

I am AMBA from Jharkhand. I was in love with Salva. Wanted to marry him. But at the age of 16, our next-door uncle, Bhiswa, brought me and my two younger sisters to this far-flung city. Now I work as domestic help to support my family.”


AMBA is the one of the illustration from my Epic Women series. In this illustrated series I have developed stories of some of the leading women characters from Indian epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata by presenting them in a modern context. My attempt is to draw a modern Indian woman using the skeletal outlines of the traditional female character. By drawing parallels between the old and the new, I want to create a crosscurrent of narrative that highlights the ageless social crises faced by the women in India.

Epic Women series: SITA

SITA is the first illustration from my latest Epic Women series. #epic #women #sita

“I am Sita. I was abandoned by my parents. A farmer found me while ploughing his land. He brought me up. Now I am 15 and I work with the RamLeela Circus. Every day I jump through the ring of fire and come out victorious to prove, I am still alive.”


Exhibition in Rome

It is a very special day for me. In April 2013, I started ‪#‎myfatherillustrations‬to promote a cause that I believe in. Since then, I have always received overwhelming support from individuals and organizations. Every story that I illustrated touched me and gave me the inspiration to move on. Despite my full-time job and illustration assignments, I was never too tired to illustrate a “my father” story. And today I am so happy to announce that 4 of “my father” illustrations are being exhibited in Rome (6-9 Nov) by Fondazione Roma, IULM, CIVITA Arte supported by UNESCO.

Link to event: http://www.orientellers.com/le-artiste.html

Link to “my father illustrations”: https://www.facebook.com/myfatherIllustrations

You can have a quick glance here …












Photo Courtesy: Dominika JOT

Online news link: http://www.lookoutnews.it/orien-tellers-roma/

Video news link screen grabs:

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Happy Mother’s Day – a touching write-up by Asma, young girl from Afghanistan

My mother is the most crucial person in my life. She is the only person who supports my siblings and me, pushing my siblings and to be educated.

My mother’s childhood was spent in a village in Nangarhar in the eastern region of Afghanistan. After school, she decided to study at university, so she went to Russia. There she married an Afghan student, my father, and my sister was born. She was sad when she came back to Afghanistan and heard that her father had died.

I was one year old when the Taliban came to Afghanistan. Five years later, my father died. My mother didn’t leave me and my siblings alone. She tried her hardest to make our future bright. She was and still is both our mother and father.

As of today, two of my sisters are married. One is a dentist and the other a businesswoman. Two of my other sisters and both my brothers are studying at university. And I am studying at school.

I am proud to have a mother who didn’t lose hope when told she was “a woman and couldn’t do anything.”

I want to be a leader of my beloved country and support my poor people. My mother took my hand and walked with me to encourage me.

[Asma is a student of SOLA, school in Kabul]

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