We all need love: Happy Father’s Day!

In a world full of differences & difficulties there’s one thing common in all of us — LOVE. We’re born with it. We live for it. And even after we depart, it stays with our loved ones forever. On this upcoming Father’s Day here’s a love story that will make you smile & believe in love. Share it with your father & say you love him because he loves you too! Happy Father’s Day!!!
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If you speak the truth I will stand by you

“If you speak the truth I will stand by you” – this saying from Sharmeen’s father always keeps her going. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is a Pakistani journalist, activist and filmmaker. She is the first Pakistani to win an Academy Award and the first to win twice. #myfather #illustrations salutes this father-daughter duo. [source: http://medskoolchronicles.tumblr.com/post/82289488078/if-you-speak-the-truth-i-will-always-stand-by]




Gasthini from Sri Lanka

“I am Gasthini from Sri Lanka. We are originally from Jaffna, an area which got affected by the war. My family had to move to Kandy. I have seen many twists & turns in life but one person who was always there with me for every rise & fall is my father. Without him I would not have had the courage to come this far – get my engineering degree and marry the love of my life. Love you Dad for who you are!”

Sri Lanka story

your best!

Bunny’s Dad

– a poem by Madhuri Yelamanchili 

Bunny rabbit and her dad leapt across the grass

One early morning, and sat in the meadow.

Noses twitching, tubby tails jiggling,

Whiskers whispering in the wind,

Bunny rabbit and her dad,

They sat and watched the sun rise.

“Tell me Bunny,” said dad to Bunny,

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“How high do you want to leap?”

“How far do you want to go?”

Bunny sat on her hind legs.

She looked up at her dad and she said,

“Daddy, I want to leap higher than the rest.”

“I want to run farther than the rest.”

“Tell me Bunny,” said dad, his voice grave.

“If your best leap can be higher,

Higher and higher than the others’ leap,

Do you still want to leap just higher than the rest?”

“Oh Bunny,” his eyes softened, “My darling girl,

If your farthest run is farther,

Farther and farther than the rest.

Do you still want to run a wee bit farther than the rest?”

Bunny’s eyes widened. She looked up at the sky.

She looked at the far mountains.

“No daddy,” she said and she smiled.

“I want to be my best, my highest and my farthest.”

Dad licked her head, “Higher or lower than the rest,

Farther or nearer than the rest,

Your highest and your farthest

Must be your very best,” he said.

“And when you do your best each day,

Wake up in the morning to beat your best

Every day, each day, my dear Bunny.

That’s how high you must leap, how far you must run.”







Happy Mother’s Day – a touching write-up by Asma, young girl from Afghanistan

My mother is the most crucial person in my life. She is the only person who supports my siblings and me, pushing my siblings and to be educated.

My mother’s childhood was spent in a village in Nangarhar in the eastern region of Afghanistan. After school, she decided to study at university, so she went to Russia. There she married an Afghan student, my father, and my sister was born. She was sad when she came back to Afghanistan and heard that her father had died.

I was one year old when the Taliban came to Afghanistan. Five years later, my father died. My mother didn’t leave me and my siblings alone. She tried her hardest to make our future bright. She was and still is both our mother and father.

As of today, two of my sisters are married. One is a dentist and the other a businesswoman. Two of my other sisters and both my brothers are studying at university. And I am studying at school.

I am proud to have a mother who didn’t lose hope when told she was “a woman and couldn’t do anything.”

I want to be a leader of my beloved country and support my poor people. My mother took my hand and walked with me to encourage me.

[Asma is a student of SOLA, school in Kabul]

Join us at mY FaTHer illustrations for more stories!

mothers day

There’s Light in the Dark

This father-daughter story is inspired by the life of Brittany Hodak and her father Jody Jones. Brittany is currently the co-founder of ZinePak, a multi-million dollar company in the U.S. Her Dad used to say, “Look for the good in every situation, and you’ll probably find it”.  He always encouraged her to follow her passion and chase her dreams.

Here’s my visualization of this admiring father-daughter relationship.

Link: www.facebook.com/myfatherIllustrations

Read more about Brittany and her father at http://www.forbes.com/sites/yec/2013/06/13/lessons-from-my-father/


at table no.5 with Dad – by Rini Joshua

This ‘mY FaTHer’ illustration is dedicated to Rini Joshua and her father. Rini has beautifully expressed with words her relationship with her dad. I have just tried to visualize it in my way… www.facebook.com/myfatherIllustrations


at table no.5 with Dad – by Rini Joshua

Can I try dad, please, can I?
Looked longingly, she, aged five.
A long pause and yes comes the reply
She squeaked with delight at table no.5.

Dad’s little girl, soon became a teen,
Conversations became serious over cups of ice-cream,
But her teeth with braces took him to a world unseen,
Table no.5, always special had been!

There were times when he flushed with ire,
Yell at her, and she’d uncontrollably cry,
“I’m sorry Princess”, to reconcile, he’d try,
Nothing but silence would prevail, at table no.5.

Then she’d return a smile for the regret he did express,
Wanted he, of her, no more no less,
Of the reunion of the father with his princess,
Table no.5, had stood as a silent witness.

They’d been there when life took a toll,
Her dad and she, many times, had a ball!
Victories, defeats, rise and fall,
Table no.5 had seen them all.

Sitting there, today, lonely, lacking the usual vim,
She mulls over the severed bond, time’s victim!
Reminisces those times, eyes filled to the brim,
At table no.5, without him!

my interview with UNFPA’s Too Young to Wed

Debasmita Dasgupta, who goes by Smita, has been drawing all of her life. These days, the 33-year-old, who was born and raised in India, lives in Singapore, where she works as a development communications manager. But art is still a huge part of her life. She’s illustrated several children’s books and recently launched an illustrated series called “mY FaTHer,” where she uses her skills as an artist to tell the stories of fathers who defend the rights of their children –- including those who stand against child marriage. Smita was kind enough to take a break from her busy life and tell us a little about her work: her creative process, what inspires her and ultimately, the impact she hopes her art will have.

Read the full http://tooyoungtowed.org/blog/tag/debasmita-dasgupta/

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mY FaTHer illustrations: Mady’s story from Mali

Mady’s father wanted to educate her but he could not afford it. That’s when a scholarship made a difference!!!

“Hi, my daughter Mady is 12-years old. We live in southern central Mali in Africa. Thanks to the scholarship program now my child is getting the education and school materials that I couldn’t afford. I take part in the community development projects so that many others like Mady can continue their studies.” (Story source: Plan International) Join ‘mY FaTHer’ illustrations at https://www.facebook.com/myfatherIllustrations


Hindu mythological story for a children’s app

Hindu mythological stories are super fascinating to me. I grew up breathing ‘Amarchitrakatha’. And when I started illustrating for kids, I was always hunting for an opportunity to illustrate these stories using my style. Finally I have this golden chance in hand. I am assigned to illustrate a set of stories for a children’s app. I just finished the first story. Here are some glimpses… Hope you like them 🙂


mY FaTHer: Our daughter will not be a child bride!

Estimated 14 million girls are married before they turn 18. Change is inevitable as many fathers are now standing up to protect their daughters from child marriage. Let’s join the movement and show our support to those fathers. Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/myfatherIllustrations

child bride