Anuradha Koirala – showing light

How many of us use our resources to help others? Well, Anuradha Koirala is one of them. She was born in a Gurung family. Her father was a Colonel in Indian Army. Despite all social ills & taboos that girls are not to be sent to school, she was fortunate. Because her father used to say, ” my dowry to you is your education”. Today Anuradha is a Nepalese social activist & founder of Maiti Nepal, a non-profit dedicated to help survivors of sex trafficking. Between 1993-2011 they have rescued & rehabilitated more than 12,000 women & girls. ‪#‎myfather‬ ‪#‎illustrations‬ ‪#‎inspire‬ ‪#‎change‬

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We are equal

“I can make tea and I can fix a bulb. All because of my father. Growing up with him I learnt that my brother and I are equal. He is a man of strong principles with an open mind and a soft heart.”– Sampada Wagde is blessed to have a father like him.
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Emily & Bob Hunter

Today’s My Father illustration is inspired by the story of Emily (daughter) & Bob Hunter (father). Emily is an environmental activist, filmmaker, speaker & author, also known as the ‘eco-huntress’ for the work she has done with‪#‎Greenpeace‬ & Sea Shepherd, inspiring millions to take responsibility for creating a more ‪#‎sustainable‬ ‪#‎world‬.

“My first hero is my Dad…always a strong central force in my life. He reminds me that anyone can be a visionary, not just people at the top. He was about having ideas and spirit and going for it. He made me see I could change the world. He was someone everyone could relate to, so down to earth… a genuine human being trying to save something so big”. Interestingly her father, Bob Hunter, one of Greenpeace founders, never pushed her to follow his direction, but rather to follow her dreams. It was during one of her trips abroad, at the age of 19, that she realized there were too many things not going right in the world and finally decided to become an environmentalist. She learnt from her parents that if she demands for change then she has to take part in the change-making process. At this important juncture in her life, she got informed that her father had terminal cancer. She went back home to Canada to spend as much time possible with him. “My Dad was amazed to hear what I had seen in such a short time and was happy that I had come to my own conclusion about becoming an environmentalist”. What has probably influenced Emily the most is her father’s belief that even one person could help change the world. She says, “He wanted to share ideas and empower people to become their own inspirations”.
[Thanks to Maria Elena De Matteo for volunteering with “My Father illustrations in writing this story. Follow her work @ & @melenadem on Twitter]
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Gasthini from Sri Lanka

“I am Gasthini from Sri Lanka. We are originally from Jaffna, an area which got affected by the war. My family had to move to Kandy. I have seen many twists & turns in life but one person who was always there with me for every rise & fall is my father. Without him I would not have had the courage to come this far – get my engineering degree and marry the love of my life. Love you Dad for who you are!”

Sri Lanka story

I am Amba from Jharkhand!

I am AMBA from Jharkhand. I was in love with Salva. Wanted to marry him. But at the age of 16, our next-door uncle, Bhiswa, brought me and my two younger sisters to this far-flung city. Now I work as domestic help to support my family.”


AMBA is the one of the illustration from my Epic Women series. In this illustrated series I have developed stories of some of the leading women characters from Indian epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata by presenting them in a modern context. My attempt is to draw a modern Indian woman using the skeletal outlines of the traditional female character. By drawing parallels between the old and the new, I want to create a crosscurrent of narrative that highlights the ageless social crises faced by the women in India.

Have a wonderful year ahead!

I start this year with an illustration inspired by the story of Natalia, a social scientist & a multi-talented artist from Ukraine. Natalia’s poetry, songs and dance have a great influence from her father, Federovna. She calls him ‘Papa’ and wants to be called as “Papa’s girl”. My illustration is about the dreams and realities that this father-daughter duo lives together. Happy New Year!!!


Reshma’s smile

Reshma (name withheld) was in her teens when she was trafficked from a village in West Bengal and sold in a brothel in Mumbai. Her father, Rezwan Kazi (name withheld) tried all his means to find her out and bring her back. Most of the time families don’t want to take back the survivors because of societal taboos. So when the Kolkata-based organization, Sanjog, approached me and shared this story, I was touched. Sanjog told me that Rezwan is also fighting the case for Reshma and he always says, “Reshma had a beautiful smile and I will stand by her until I see her smiling again”. #myfather #illustrations #stopchildtrafficking #change #rights
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I will never let you down

I still remember the day I first went to school, the day I learnt how to write my name, the morning I first joined the Magic Bus sports group in our community. I treasure those moments because I know my life could have been different if you were not my father. Thank you Abba for your love, support and belief in me. I will never let you down. ~ Sabah (daughter) and Akbar Akhtar (father) share a beautiful bond of love and respect. #doodlewithdad #myfather #illustrationswith Magic Bus


No success comes without struggle

Vrinda is the daughter of Shekhar Javarikar, a farmer from Maharashtra. Shekhar has seen many hardships in life. But one thing that Vrinda learnt by heart seeing her father is that no success comes without hard work. She can see her father working day & night on the field, taking care of the seeds that grow into crops. Like her father she has learnt not to give up until she finds the light in darkness.#doodlewithdad by My Father illustrations with Magic Bus


Shahnaz shares her story

“I come from a lower middle income family in Mumbai. The neighbourhood where I live is not completely safe for girls. I would have lived a contained life if my father wasn’t there to support me. He inspires me to think freely, be confident and live my dreams” ~ says, Shahnaz Khan (daughter). Her father is Iliyas Khan. A big thanks to Magic Bus which is making a difference through sports in the lives of Shahnaz & her friends. #doodlewithdad by My Father illustrations

fulfill your dreams


a daughter’s dream

“One day, my father will see me on stage playing my guitar. This would’ve remained as a distant dream if Papa hadn’t bought home a guitar for me. He’s my best friend and I’m grateful for all his support,” says Archana during ‪#‎doodlewithdad‬ drive at Vikroli with Magic Bus. Sitting next to her, with eyes full of enthusiasm, Archana’s father Suresh Surosh adds, “Living in an under-developed neighbourhood has its own challenges. But I really want to give my daughter as many opportunities as I can to let her explore and express at best.”
[Thanks to Maria Elena De Matteo for volunteering with ‪#‎myfather‬ ‪#‎illustrations‬ in writing this story. Follow her work at and @melenadem on Twitter]

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Ideas are coming!

Ideas can knock on your door anytime. It can be at broad daylight or when the stars are shining in the skyline. You just have to be ready to receive them with a warm hug. Offer them some refreshments, talk to them and most importantly hear what they tell you. May be  they will say something that you always wanted to hear or you will hear something for the first time. Doesn’t matter whether it is old or new, just take a deep breath, hold their hands and walk. You will find a way…


Shine with your best buddy

This Friendship Day shine with your best buddy 🙂
This illustration is based on a lovely poem by Gunjan Khaitan penned for her Dad. The full poem is below –

“Whenever I receive a compliment, I know it’s more about you, Whenever someone thanks me, I pass that on to you… Whenever someone touches my heart, I know it is ruled by you, Whenever someone loves me, I know I am blessed by you… Whenever I am sensitive, I know you will hold my heart, Whenever I get fearful, I know you will not let me rip apart… Whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I know you are feeling proud of me,

Whenever the Sun shines bright on my face, I know you have shredded away the nimbus for me… I haven’t been able to get much of you in this life but you had to step up to illuminate my way, It’s been lakhs of years that my soul knows of you and forever with you would be less on the highway… We will cross the mountains and bridges and oceans and laugh out loud at the world again, Coz only Love is for Real… Rest everything goes in complete vain…”




Like Humans. Like Buildings

My latest obsession for drawing buildings continues and I am quite loving it. When I look at the buildings, I see each has a distinct character. And why not? After all they are all made by humans. So besides concrete and cement they also carry human emotions, thoughts and ideas. Sometimes they are glamorous, sometimes jaded, often practical. Sometimes fresh and sometimes ready to be replaced. Like us they are also born, they grow and they perish.










concrete jungle








Sofia’s Story from Mexico

Sofia Castro was the first indigenous woman who won the position of municipal president in an election by a male-only electorate in San Carlos Yautepec (Mexico). This position represents the highest authority in her indigenous communities. Sofia’s father was a political figure and this inspired her to study law and eventually pursue a career in politics.


mY FaTHer illustrations on Huff Post

It took me a while to publish this post because I was not sure where to start. In April 2013 when I started “mY FaTHer illustrations” Facebook page I was not thinking to earn any profit or fame. There was no marketing strategy or logical framework behind the idea that was born in my head cross-pollinating my love for art and enthusiasm for social work. The idea just took off holding on to my innocent belief that something good will happen. And today I can confidently say, “it did”. True that I still do not earn any monetary incentives from the project but riding on its wheels I have reached the hearts of many, those who support my project and encourage me to do better. Whether by writing about my project, helping me reach out to communities or by sharing father-daughter stories they know – the supporters of “mY FaTHer illustrations” stand by the fathers who fearlessly fought for the rights of their daughters. Thank You All!

And Thank You Brittany Hodak for this wonderful write-up on Huff Post. I have always believed that art can connect people and my connection with you is a real example of that. You have a wonderful father who has made you an amazing person. I’m glad we met 🙂

huffpost snapshot

Things aren’t so scary as they seem!

One of the 4 lessons that Adrienne Breaux learnt from her father is to simplify things in life. Her father always says that “things are not as complicated as they seem”. True that! Stay calm and you’ll find a way out. Adrienne is a writer who loves architecture, design, cats and science fiction.