Silverlake VOICE features My Father illustrations

Thank You Silverlake VOICE for sharing the voices of those fathers who ensure that their daughters have the rights they deserve. Silverlake VOICE is a UK-based platform to discover new generation of artists from across the globe.



We all need love: Happy Father’s Day!

In a world full of differences & difficulties there’s one thing common in all of us — LOVE. We’re born with it. We live for it. And even after we depart, it stays with our loved ones forever. On this upcoming Father’s Day here’s a love story that will make you smile & believe in love. Share it with your father & say you love him because he loves you too! Happy Father’s Day!!!
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I have a special name for today’s #myfather #illustration … SURBAHAR (SUR means music & BAHAR means spring). That’s the Hindustani classical musical instrument, which the gifted Annapurna Devi learnt to play from her father – Ustad Allauddin Khan. She is fond of pigeons just like her father & this illustration is inspired by that spirit of flight & rhythm. [Story source:] Share your father’s story at My Father illustrations!

Annapurna Devi