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A mother, a model, an actor and an entrepreneur…Tara Sharma Saluja plays every role with full integrity. Her father, Pratap Sharma, is an author and a playwright who unleashed the world of creativity in front of her eyes #myfather #illustration #yourstory [source:] Join us at My Father illustrations!



The Yoga of Adventure

Born in Ecuador but traveled around the world, Silvia Mordini prefers to be called a ‘global citizen’. Silvia was very young when she started traveling with her father. These journeys broadened her vision as she discovered her inner peace. Today she is a famous ‪#‎yoga‬ teacher who is spreading ‪#‎happiness‬ everywhere. Connect with her on Twitter with ‪#‎YRUHappy‬‪ #‎myfather‬  Be a part of “My Father illustrations“!
[This ‪#‎illustration‬ is inspired by the following source:…/yoga-inspires-adventure-tak…/]


Senna from Peru

“Poetry is how I turn ugliness into art” – says Senna from Peru. I was moved to know Senna from Girl Rising. She is a fighter. She is a poet. Growing up in a Peruvian mining town was tough. But she didn’t give up. Neither her father, who supported her education no matter what. He knew with education Senna will discover her true self and continue with her passion for poetry. Today’s #myfather #illustration is a salute to this father-daughter duo from Peru. [source:]


Fearless Surfers from Nicaragua

Story  of  fearless surfers from ‪#‎Nicaragua‬ in Central America!!!
Yes. Today’s ‪#‎myfather‬ ‪#‎illustration‬ is inspired by Valentina & Manuel Resano who fearlessly ride on the waves. Valentina was around one-year old when she started ‪#‎surfing‬ with her father. She says: “My Dad is strict but he’s a great teacher”. Enjoy this sprightly father-daughter tale & brighten up your day!
[source: The Inertia]

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