Avani and the Pea Plant

“Avani and the Pea Plant”…my first illustrated book for Pratham, written by the talented Shruthi Rao. An interesting read for all kids! Copies on sale @ Pratham bookstore http://bit.ly/1QwLkWh



Hug the Panda!

Did you know that the Giant Panda remains one of the most endangered bears in the world? Habitat destruction is one of the main reasons why Pandas have become endangered. With growing human population, Pandas’ habitat gets taken over by development, marginalizing this rare species on earth. Good news is that Pandas’ numbers are slowly increasing in the wild. There are now many Panda reserves to protect, monitor, feed and most importantly hug them.

This illustration is part of “Talking Doodles” series by Be the Change Asia.


Anuradha Koirala – showing light

How many of us use our resources to help others? Well, Anuradha Koirala is one of them. She was born in a Gurung family. Her father was a Colonel in Indian Army. Despite all social ills & taboos that girls are not to be sent to school, she was fortunate. Because her father used to say, ” my dowry to you is your education”. Today Anuradha is a Nepalese social activist & founder of Maiti Nepal, a non-profit dedicated to help survivors of sex trafficking. Between 1993-2011 they have rescued & rehabilitated more than 12,000 women & girls. ‪#‎myfather‬ ‪#‎illustrations‬ ‪#‎inspire‬ ‪#‎change‬

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We are equal

“I can make tea and I can fix a bulb. All because of my father. Growing up with him I learnt that my brother and I are equal. He is a man of strong principles with an open mind and a soft heart.”– Sampada Wagde is blessed to have a father like him.
Read Sampada’s letter to her father at http://bit.ly/mfisampada

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