I have faith in you

“I may not have a lot of money but I have a lot of faith in you. One day, you will grow up and make me feel proud of you” ~ 12-year old Nandini’s eyes glow when she hears this from her father, Raosaheb Yadav during‪#‎doodlewithdad‬ at Dahisar with ‪#‎myfather‬ ‪#‎illustrations‬ & Leher











Ideas are coming!

Ideas can knock on your door anytime. It can be at broad daylight or when the stars are shining in the skyline. You just have to be ready to receive them with a warm hug. Offer them some refreshments, talk to them and most importantly hear what they tell you. May be  they will say something that you always wanted to hear or you will hear something for the first time. Doesn’t matter whether it is old or new, just take a deep breath, hold their hands and walk. You will find a way…