Shine with your best buddy

This Friendship Day shine with your best buddy 🙂
This illustration is based on a lovely poem by Gunjan Khaitan penned for her Dad. The full poem is below –

“Whenever I receive a compliment, I know it’s more about you, Whenever someone thanks me, I pass that on to you… Whenever someone touches my heart, I know it is ruled by you, Whenever someone loves me, I know I am blessed by you… Whenever I am sensitive, I know you will hold my heart, Whenever I get fearful, I know you will not let me rip apart… Whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I know you are feeling proud of me,

Whenever the Sun shines bright on my face, I know you have shredded away the nimbus for me… I haven’t been able to get much of you in this life but you had to step up to illuminate my way, It’s been lakhs of years that my soul knows of you and forever with you would be less on the highway… We will cross the mountains and bridges and oceans and laugh out loud at the world again, Coz only Love is for Real… Rest everything goes in complete vain…”





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