An inspiration can shape your identity

One of Russia’s famous ballet dancers, Ilse Liepa, was not only inspired by her father’s life story to become a ballerina but also to write a book about him. ‪#‎myfatherillustrations‬



Like Humans. Like Buildings

My latest obsession for drawing buildings continues and I am quite loving it. When I look at the buildings, I see each has a distinct character. And why not? After all they are all made by humans. So besides concrete and cement they also carry human emotions, thoughts and ideas. Sometimes they are glamorous, sometimes jaded, often practical. Sometimes fresh and sometimes ready to be replaced. Like us they are also born, they grow and they perish.










concrete jungle








Sofia’s Story from Mexico

Sofia Castro was the first indigenous woman who won the position of municipal president in an election by a male-only electorate in San Carlos Yautepec (Mexico). This position represents the highest authority in her indigenous communities. Sofia’s father was a political figure and this inspired her to study law and eventually pursue a career in politics.


mY FaTHer illustrations on Huff Post

It took me a while to publish this post because I was not sure where to start. In April 2013 when I started “mY FaTHer illustrations” Facebook page I was not thinking to earn any profit or fame. There was no marketing strategy or logical framework behind the idea that was born in my head cross-pollinating my love for art and enthusiasm for social work. The idea just took off holding on to my innocent belief that something good will happen. And today I can confidently say, “it did”. True that I still do not earn any monetary incentives from the project but riding on its wheels I have reached the hearts of many, those who support my project and encourage me to do better. Whether by writing about my project, helping me reach out to communities or by sharing father-daughter stories they know – the supporters of “mY FaTHer illustrations” stand by the fathers who fearlessly fought for the rights of their daughters. Thank You All!

And Thank You Brittany Hodak for this wonderful write-up on Huff Post. I have always believed that art can connect people and my connection with you is a real example of that. You have a wonderful father who has made you an amazing person. I’m glad we met 🙂

huffpost snapshot