Once I met Fresca, a pretty little girl from a Tuscan town. She was free like the wind. She learnt from her father that life is simple. She does not want to complicate it 🙂

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The word “Bibak” means “fearless” in Persian. Bibak is a social enterprise that transforms post-conflict societies into thriving communities through open-source, easy to re-purpose technology for ladmines detection. They are not just trying to save lives from landmines but also working towards land reformation providing livelihoods to many. I am proud to be a part of this movement. When Bibak approached me to design a poster for their campaign, my answer was “yes”. Creating art for social good is always rewarding! Thank you Bibak for making me part of your family 🙂

You vote for Bibak to help them win the Hivos Social Innovation Award 2014. Here is the link:


Wasfia Nazreen

Wasfia Nazreen, A Bangladeshi aid worker reaches Seven Summits of the world to empower her country’s women and girls. “This unbelievable achievement came following her years of perseverance”, said her proud father, Nazmee J Chowdhury. #myfatherillustration #wasfianazreen

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Exhibition in Rome

It is a very special day for me. In April 2013, I started ‪#‎myfatherillustrations‬to promote a cause that I believe in. Since then, I have always received overwhelming support from individuals and organizations. Every story that I illustrated touched me and gave me the inspiration to move on. Despite my full-time job and illustration assignments, I was never too tired to illustrate a “my father” story. And today I am so happy to announce that 4 of “my father” illustrations are being exhibited in Rome (6-9 Nov) by Fondazione Roma, IULM, CIVITA Arte supported by UNESCO.

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Photo Courtesy: Dominika JOT

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