Happy Mother’s Day – a touching write-up by Asma, young girl from Afghanistan

My mother is the most crucial person in my life. She is the only person who supports my siblings and me, pushing my siblings and to be educated.

My mother’s childhood was spent in a village in Nangarhar in the eastern region of Afghanistan. After school, she decided to study at university, so she went to Russia. There she married an Afghan student, my father, and my sister was born. She was sad when she came back to Afghanistan and heard that her father had died.

I was one year old when the Taliban came to Afghanistan. Five years later, my father died. My mother didn’t leave me and my siblings alone. She tried her hardest to make our future bright. She was and still is both our mother and father.

As of today, two of my sisters are married. One is a dentist and the other a businesswoman. Two of my other sisters and both my brothers are studying at university. And I am studying at school.

I am proud to have a mother who didn’t lose hope when told she was “a woman and couldn’t do anything.”

I want to be a leader of my beloved country and support my poor people. My mother took my hand and walked with me to encourage me.

[Asma is a student of SOLA, school in Kabul]

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mothers day


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