at table no.5 with Dad – by Rini Joshua

This ‘mY FaTHer’ illustration is dedicated to Rini Joshua and her father. Rini has beautifully expressed with words her relationship with her dad. I have just tried to visualize it in my way…


at table no.5 with Dad – by Rini Joshua

Can I try dad, please, can I?
Looked longingly, she, aged five.
A long pause and yes comes the reply
She squeaked with delight at table no.5.

Dad’s little girl, soon became a teen,
Conversations became serious over cups of ice-cream,
But her teeth with braces took him to a world unseen,
Table no.5, always special had been!

There were times when he flushed with ire,
Yell at her, and she’d uncontrollably cry,
“I’m sorry Princess”, to reconcile, he’d try,
Nothing but silence would prevail, at table no.5.

Then she’d return a smile for the regret he did express,
Wanted he, of her, no more no less,
Of the reunion of the father with his princess,
Table no.5, had stood as a silent witness.

They’d been there when life took a toll,
Her dad and she, many times, had a ball!
Victories, defeats, rise and fall,
Table no.5 had seen them all.

Sitting there, today, lonely, lacking the usual vim,
She mulls over the severed bond, time’s victim!
Reminisces those times, eyes filled to the brim,
At table no.5, without him!