Today is special!!!

Today I did not wake up early morning to help mother with her household chores. I did not walk through the farm fields, under the burning afternoon sun, bringing lunch to father. I did not carry two buckets full of water from the community tube-well to home… Instead I woke up, dressed with my new blue uniform. Mother tied my hair with red ribbons. Father kissed my forehead before leaving for the farmland. From today onward, I will be attending school. They have built a new primary school for the girls in my village. Now I can continue my studies. I am super happy 🙂

village in karnataka


mY FaTHer: Our daughter will not be a child bride!

Estimated 14 million girls are married before they turn 18. Change is inevitable as many fathers are now standing up to protect their daughters from child marriage. Let’s join the movement and show our support to those fathers. Like us on Facebook

child bride