new series: mY FaTHer

My father is my ideal. He never had a rich father to push him up the ladder. He is a self-made man of principles. I have never seen him doing anything wrong against anybody. He always follows his heart, no matter what others think. He has the true sportsman spirit even at 63. He never asked me to join the rat race. He just want me to be human and walk on the side of truth…always!

‘mY FaTHer’ series is dedicated to him and to all fathers in this world who stand as the pillar of strength for their children. They are always the Best!!!

‘mY FaTHer’ series: Story of Shabanashabana storyThis story is inspired by the life of Shabana Basij-Rasikh. She is currently the Managing Director and Acting Head of School at SOLA – School of Leadership in Afghanistan.


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