nepalese mask

nepal mask

As I was mentioning, visiting Nepal, is a life-changing experience. the grace of the himalayas and the serenity at the temples, make you think ‘who you are’. despite the noise and clutter, the country, with 2069 years of history, embraces you with open arms. one of the things that attracted me was the use of colors in nepalese folk art. the beautiful marriage of colors represent the divine medley of human emotions …


One thought on “nepalese mask

  1. roberto says:

    I believe that Nepal is a country with many stones, mountains, and few green plants, and few flowers (trees, etc), true?). maybe that’s why they use many colors. here in my country, something similar happens, the people of the north, an area that is very arid, wears clothes woven wool dyed in many vibrant colors

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