click the picture to read the full story!


Gulmohar is one of my latest short stories. you can click the image to read the full story. the story is about an eternal bond between Tara and Gulmohar. Between ‘Man’ and ‘Nature’. A friendship that gives the strength to move on with love … please do not forget to share your feedback 🙂


5 thoughts on “click the picture to read the full story!

  1. roberto says:

    Hi, Smita! I swear that your story touched me. also because of the relationship between the girl and the tree, I imagined the friendship between two people.
    I did not know the Gulmohar tree, does not exist in my country, and I searched google, and I could see how beautiful tree is. and that has beautiful flowers.
    I congratulate you, your pictures are very beautiful, very well drawn, and appropriate for this simple but beautiful story, which makes it very important lesson!!!!!!! :))))))))))))

    • smita's illustrations says:

      Thank you Roberto!
      Growing up as a child, I have always heard stories about relationships between man and nature. And personally I love trees. So this story is an outcome of all such childhood tales and emotions that I lived so far.

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