Fearless Rain

Growing up, I was always told to stay away from the rain. You will catch a cold, fever, blah blah, blah … Then finally, on a Saturday afternoon, something happened. I was in my early teens, trying hard to solve a mathematical equation when it started to pour. I looked out of the window, I could see the rain drops but not the sky. Not quite sure what went in my head, I unlocked the door of my apartment and ran straight to the terrace. As I looked up, it was magical. The clouds were marinated with joy. They had no fear. I stood underneath, with open arms, hugging the fearless rain drops.

Years after, when I was recently illustrating this piece for an international language fest foldout, I relived my encounter with the fearless rain (:

getting wet


Food Fantasy Indonesia

A fun illustration created for Asian Festival for Children Content (AFCC 2017). Click here to like or love 🙂 http://bit.ly/clickheretolike



Abba’s Day!

A b b a’ s D a y…a fun day with dear father
One of my latest illustrated books published by Katha India. Proud to be a part of this epic project!

This book is under 300M Project being launched by Katha. This project aims to bring out a series of excellent books from across various cultures across India and the world for the benefit of the 300 million plus FirstGen Learners in India, children coming from non-literate families most of whom are financially poor. The books will be at very low cost and distributed through libraries, nonprofit organizations, community libraries for children, schools meant for such children and other such channels. It will also be made available as an ebook for reading by children on tablets or mobile devices. The aim is to reach out to as many children as possible at a very low cost.





Like Mother Like Daughter

Finally got the books in hand…yay!!!🐣
Like Mother Like Daughter

One of my latest illustrated picture books for Mumbai-based nonprofit Vacha Trust. A collection of real life inspiring stories of mothers & daughters from India.




Who wants an illustrated desk calendar?

International buyers, please place your order at http://bit.ly/myfathercalendar17
For buyers based in India, this is the link to order http://bit.ly/myfathercalendarsaleinIndia 



Stay Safe!

Safety charts for VOICE4Girls, a non-profit in India that believes when a girl finds her voice, the world around her begins to change. As an illustrator, I feel delighted to be a part of their initiatives, seeing the prospects of my illustrations making a difference in a young girl’s life.