Fearless Rain

Growing up, I was always told to stay away from the rain. You will catch a cold, fever, blah blah, blah … Then finally, on a Saturday afternoon, something happened. I was in my early teens, trying hard to solve a mathematical equation when it started to pour. I looked out of the window, I could see the rain drops but not the sky. Not quite sure what went in my head, I unlocked the door of my apartment and ran straight to the terrace. As I looked up, it was magical. The clouds were marinated with joy. They had no fear. I stood underneath, with open arms, hugging the fearless rain drops.

Years after, when I was recently illustrating this piece for an international language fest foldout, I relived my encounter with the fearless rain (:

getting wet

Abba’s Day!

A b b a’ s D a y…a fun day with dear father
One of my latest illustrated books published by Katha India. Proud to be a part of this epic project!

This book is under 300M Project being launched by Katha. This project aims to bring out a series of excellent books from across various cultures across India and the world for the benefit of the 300 million plus FirstGen Learners in India, children coming from non-literate families most of whom are financially poor. The books will be at very low cost and distributed through libraries, nonprofit organizations, community libraries for children, schools meant for such children and other such channels. It will also be made available as an ebook for reading by children on tablets or mobile devices. The aim is to reach out to as many children as possible at a very low cost.




Stay Safe!

Safety charts for VOICE4Girls, a non-profit in India that believes when a girl finds her voice, the world around her begins to change. As an illustrator, I feel delighted to be a part of their initiatives, seeing the prospects of my illustrations making a difference in a young girl’s life.



Let no injustice curve your spine!

It was a midnight in autumn when Sujata’s husband first hit her. Since then violence continued in different frequencies & forms. Sujata wanted to walk out of this marriage but the whispers of relatives, colleagues & neighbors bent her confidence. Right then her father held her hands & said, “No matter what, I will be with you”.
#myfather #voicestobeheard #heforshe #WeWillRise
Based on a true story from Mumbai, India. Original name withheld.
[Stats source: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs239/en/]


Break Free

Despite our best efforts, we all fall in the trap of gender stereotypes. Meet Benny Harlem – a father, trying to break free from one such stereotype, showing his daughter how to love one’s natural beauty by taking pride in who you are. In Benny, who is a singer, songwriter & supermodel, Jaxyn finds a super dad & a role model. The father-daughter duo standout for their crowning glories – awesome hairdos that make them social media icons. Check out their photographs on https://www.instagram.com/bennyharlem/
#myfather #voicestobeheard #heforshe
[Story source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/lifestyle/viral-and-trending/270616/father-daughter-duo-with-awesome-hair-takes-over-the-internet.html]


Embrace the brighter side of life

That’s what Shumon Sengupta tells his daughter, Minnie. I was so touched when Shumon shared his blog with me where, out of myriad other ideas, he writes about Minnie who inspires beauty in his life. Shumon is an international aid & #development professional. He has lived in many parts of the world & calls himself a “World Citizen”. But his most cherished moments are spent with the delightful Minnie in whose starry eyes he sees a hope for the future. Here’s a link to his blog http://www.world-citizen-trail.net/world-citizens/


The flying Zahra!

It isn’t easy to fulfil your dreams when there are prejudices against you. But Zahra Lari was lucky. Her father recognised her talent & fought the odds. Zahra is an ice-skater from UAE. She is aiming for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, where she may make history not only as the first Emirati athlete to compete at a Winter Olympics but also as the first ice-skater in a hijab. #myfather #voicestobeheard
[source: http://m.thenational.ae/world/americas/hijab-is-a-good-fit-for-the-olympic-games]


The Unbeatable!

Monica Singh is an acid attack survivor from India. She was 19 when she faced this earth shattering experience. However neither she or her father lost hope. They kept walking until the end of the tunnel & finally the darkness was over. She is now a fashion design student at the prestigious Parsons School of Fashion in New York. She has proven that inner beauty is far more powerful than physical beauty. Her pillar of strength, her confidant, was her father, Mahendra Singh. Monica has established The Mahendra Singh Foundation to help other survivors. #myfather #voicestobeheard Join us to hear & share more inspiring father-daughter stories!


A gift that grows when you share

When a Daughter fulfils a Father’s dream…
Mohammed Saleem Haji had this dream – a school for the children living in a remote village in Jammu & Kashmir. He knew good education will show these children the right path. Today, Haji Public School is a reality. People travel for several hours to get their children enrolled there. Sabah Haji, daughter of Mohammed Saleem Haji, is not just the Director of the school but she is making an incredible difference in the lives of many kids in need. #myfather #voicestobeheard
[Story source: http://www.thebetterindia.com/31348/haji-public-school-in-jammu-and-kashmir/]

Sabbah Haji

Joy Ride

Growing up, so many people might have said, “you can’t do it”…“you aren’t cut out for it”… But those voices aren’t going to define us. We will! That’s the spirit, which keeps many of us, like Roshni Sharma, going. From a tender age, Roshni was consumed by wanderlust. Observing this special trait, her father taught her to ride a motorcycle when she was 16. Ten years later, Roshni became the first Indian female rider who traveled from Kanyakumari to Ladakh in 14 days. So what’s holding you back? Start the journey you always had in mind. You’ll only find a way when you try. Bon voyage!  [Story source: http://www.ichangemycity.com/bangalore/news/she-rode-5000-kms-to-deliver-this-message]



We all need love: Happy Father’s Day!

In a world full of differences & difficulties there’s one thing common in all of us — LOVE. We’re born with it. We live for it. And even after we depart, it stays with our loved ones forever. On this upcoming Father’s Day here’s a love story that will make you smile & believe in love. Share it with your father & say you love him because he loves you too! Happy Father’s Day!!!
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Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 2.38.14 PM


I have a special name for today’s #myfather #illustration … SURBAHAR (SUR means music & BAHAR means spring). That’s the Hindustani classical musical instrument, which the gifted Annapurna Devi learnt to play from her father – Ustad Allauddin Khan. She is fond of pigeons just like her father & this illustration is inspired by that spirit of flight & rhythm. [Story source: https://superaalifragilistic.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/the-tragedy-of-a-relationship/] Share your father’s story at My Father illustrations!

Annapurna Devi

The Yoga of Adventure

Born in Ecuador but traveled around the world, Silvia Mordini prefers to be called a ‘global citizen’. Silvia was very young when she started traveling with her father. These journeys broadened her vision as she discovered her inner peace. Today she is a famous ‪#‎yoga‬ teacher who is spreading ‪#‎happiness‬ everywhere. Connect with her on Twitter with ‪#‎YRUHappy‬‪ #‎myfather‬  Be a part of “My Father illustrations“!
[This ‪#‎illustration‬ is inspired by the following source: http://www.thecultureist.com/…/yoga-inspires-adventure-tak…/]


Senna from Peru

“Poetry is how I turn ugliness into art” – says Senna from Peru. I was moved to know Senna from Girl Rising. She is a fighter. She is a poet. Growing up in a Peruvian mining town was tough. But she didn’t give up. Neither her father, who supported her education no matter what. He knew with education Senna will discover her true self and continue with her passion for poetry. Today’s #myfather #illustration is a salute to this father-daughter duo from Peru. [source: http://girlrising.com/sennas-story/]


Fearless Surfers from Nicaragua

Story  of  fearless surfers from ‪#‎Nicaragua‬ in Central America!!!
Yes. Today’s ‪#‎myfather‬ ‪#‎illustration‬ is inspired by Valentina & Manuel Resano who fearlessly ride on the waves. Valentina was around one-year old when she started ‪#‎surfing‬ with her father. She says: “My Dad is strict but he’s a great teacher”. Enjoy this sprightly father-daughter tale & brighten up your day!
[source: The Inertia http://bit.ly/valentinamanuelresano]

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Life isn’t about falling. It’s about rising with grace.

Little Dipa wanted to give up #gymnastics because she was scared of falling down. However her father convinced her to continue. Today, at 22, #DipaKarmakar is the first #female #Indian #gymnast ever to secure an Olympic berth. Her father, Dulal gives full credit to Dipa’s hardwork. But she knows, without her father this journey couldn’t be possible. #myfather #illustrations #inspiring #change [source: http://bit.ly/toidipakarmakar]


Woman-of-the-match Harmanpreet Kaur!!!

Harmanpreet scored a 31-ball 46 against Australia in January 2016 that brought home a record victory for India. Growing up in a remote village in Punjab, she says, “We (girls) would often have to play on the corner pitches because the boys got the main pitches”. It is not easy to become a cricketer in India if you’re a woman. Many were against her. But one man who stood tall by her side was her father. He continues to be her lifeline.
[This illustration is inspired by the following article sourced from: http://bit.ly/indianexpresss] #myfather#illustrations #Indian #cricket

cricket image

If you speak the truth I will stand by you

“If you speak the truth I will stand by you” – this saying from Sharmeen’s father always keeps her going. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is a Pakistani journalist, activist and filmmaker. She is the first Pakistani to win an Academy Award and the first to win twice. #myfather #illustrations salutes this father-daughter duo. [source: http://medskoolchronicles.tumblr.com/post/82289488078/if-you-speak-the-truth-i-will-always-stand-by]




Art for social change: how fathers can empower daughters

My Father illustrations” was recently featured by Canada’s SEE Change Magazine. It is Canada’s first publication for and about social enterprise and entrepreneurship. Much like other entrepreneurial endeavors, it was created in response to a need – the need to spread the word about an important business movement that has the capacity to change the way we live and engage with our communities. Click here to read the full story!

See Change


Hug the Panda!

Did you know that the Giant Panda remains one of the most endangered bears in the world? Habitat destruction is one of the main reasons why Pandas have become endangered. With growing human population, Pandas’ habitat gets taken over by development, marginalizing this rare species on earth. Good news is that Pandas’ numbers are slowly increasing in the wild. There are now many Panda reserves to protect, monitor, feed and most importantly hug them.

This illustration is part of “Talking Doodles” series by Be the Change Asia.